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Our mission

By working exclusively with employers, O’Connell’s mission is to create positive workplace relationships.  We assist you to effectively deal with employment practices complaints and issues and to implement preventative strategies to minimise workplace disruptions.  By partnering with you we work to empower your managers to manage workplace relationships to deliver peace of mind.

O’Connell is unique in our ability to leverage the expertise of our workplace relations advisers who are uniquely qualified as employment lawyers and have extensive additional experience experience in senior human resources and business roles in the corporate and public sectors.

We partner with human resources departments, in-house counsel, internal audit, operational areas and management to deliver customised services to reflect the specific needs and culture of our growing number of valued clients.

Whether it is an investigation into a workplace dispute or grievance, mediation, training or policy review, O’Connell has the expertise and experience to assist you in creating and maintaining a more harmonious workplace.

O’Connell Group comprises O’Connell Workplace Relations and O’Connell The Employment Law Specialists, offering our clients the services and flexibility they need.  Whether it’s investigations, training, policy review and mediation through O’Connell Workplace Relations, or OHS, WHS, employment contract, performance management and legal advice through O’Connell The Employment Law Specialists, we can assist you with your workplace relations needs.

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