Are you a start-up or growing business needing assistance to comply with employment law issues?

WHS and OHSStart-ups and growing businesses are normally focused on providing services and product to a growing base of clients – they are busy growing. Unfortunately this means that your business runs the risk of not complying with the multitude of laws and tribunals that regulate the way you employ staff or contractors.

O’Connell Employment Law Specialists specialises in providing practical and cost effective advice and documentation to assist growing businesses to comply with employment law issues. Our assistance coverage includes:

  • Contracts and letters of appointment for new staff
  • Key policies to regulate your workplace
  • Staff handbooks and manuals
  • Bullying and harassment policies and procedures
  • Disciplining staff lawfully
  • Occupational health and safety issues

Details of our methodology and fixed price option for compliance are available on request. Use theContact Us page to obtain fuller details