25 year gap no barrier to hearing loss liability

25 year gap no barrier to hearing loss liability

Even though an employee had last worked with an employer in 1991 and had several employers since, the NSW Workers’ Compensation Commission has held an employer liable for a hearing injury claim lodged in April 2015 seeking a lump sum amount as well as hearing aids. Facts of the case Mr Noel Parsons worked at Qantas between 1954 and 1991…read more →

Further impacts from abolition of NSW Industrial Court – WHS Category 3

In addition to the changes set out in our September Public Sector Update, proceedings for Category 3 offences under the Work Health and Safety Act have been moved to the District and Local Courts. This move will finalise prosecution arrangements under the WHS Act, with the most serious Category 1 and serious Category 2 offences being previously transferred from the…read more →

Working from home poses risks for employers

The trend for employers to show flexibility to work from home requests from staff has long been seen to pose some minimal risk as far as work health and safety issues are concerned. However, a recent decision involving an employee of Telstra has raised concerns that these risks my not be as minimal as previously thought. The case involved an…read more →