Empowering line managers to deal with performance issues

The Situation

The Human Resources Director of our NSW local government client was concerned that many line managers were unwilling to initiate performance management interactions with their staff.  The Director wanted a practical process to provide their line managers with the expertise and skills to identify staff needing assistance with performance issues and to place them under performance improvement plans.

The Task

The objective of O’Connell Workplace Relations was to facilitate the resolution of the bullying complaint and the two potential workers compensation claims which could have a substantial adverse impact on the premiums of the organisation.


O’Connell Workplace Relations investigators developed two integrated half day workshops incorporating council’s performance management policies and procedures.

Using case studies from relevant NSW IRC cases and de-identified “live” situations raised by workshop participants, managers were able to learn both the theory of performance management and procedural fairness in Workshop One and then allowed to gain practical hands on experience in dealing with real life performance issues in Workshop Two held the week after Workshop One.

Results for the client

Managers went back to their work area feeling more confident in dealing with raising performance issues with their staff.  The Human Resources Manager has reported that most line managers have already identified staff who are underperforming and assessing the best way to develop performance improvement plans.


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