Can your business benefit from an independent workplace investigation?

Most workplaces will at some time need to conduct investigations into issues arising from an internal grievance, dispute procedures or a possible breach of employee conduct.

Poorly conducted workplace investigations can lead to the original issue remaining unresolved as well as allegations of procedural fairness not being provided and decisions being overturned by reviewing tribunals such as Fair Work Australia.

Many managers nominate conducting workplace investigations as one of the most challenging tasks they can be called upon to perform and provide a number of reasons to support their views on this. These include:

  • Lack of training and/or experience;
  • Their possible involvement in issues covered by the investigation;
  • Perceived conflicts of interest;
  • Difficulty in conducting the investigation and then being part of any necessary action arising from the investigation;
  • Time pressures;

O’Connell Employment Law Specialists are workplace investigations specialists who can assist by conducting either initial “fact-finding” or more formal workplace investigations as an external, independent party and provide an unbiased report for management to act on. Using our services will give your business the following benefits:

  • prompt investigation into matters that are not delayed due to internal commitments;
  • coverage of possible allegations of bias from an internal investigation – this is particularly relevant for investigations into more senior levels of your staff;
  • assurances that procedural fairness has been afforded to all relevant parties

Workplace investigationsO’Connell Employment Law Specialists use a proven methodology to ensure procedural fairness throughout the investigative process. This results in a detailed and fully justified report that will support your internal processes and stand up to review by external tribunals if necessary.

Benefits of a properly managed workplace investigation include:

  • Facilitates a prompt finalisation of matters and allows staff to quickly resume their normal work
  • Avoids disruption to internal resources otherwise needed for an investigation
  • Allows your HR staff to not become involved in the investigative process – and more able to add value to post investigation actions without claims of conflict of interest
  • Is conducted with a tight set of terms of reference
  • Proceeds with minimal disruption to your workplace – interviews are normally conducted at your business or a neutral venue
  • Results in a well documented report with suitable recommendations to facilitate a lasting resolution to the issues.

Details of our methodology and fixed price option for independent investigations are available on request. Use the Contact Uspage to obtain fuller details.